60 plus refreshing self-care ideas for busy moms

As moms, as much as we would love to invest in self-care activities to keep relaxed, refreshed, and recharged, we just don’t have the time most times. However, we still need those things. Taking care of ourselves is as important as taking care of our kids and family. Don’t neglect yourself; remember, it’s not being selfish or prioritizing yourself above others. Make sure you are keeping fit mentally, physically, emotionally, and otherwise. The following are some practical and effective self-care ideas just for moms, from the blog FindingBalance.Mom and others:

· Take time to dream about you

· Turn your phone off – at least sometimes

· Stop multitasking – at least sometimes

· Do some yoga

· Spend time with your children

· Take some time for meditation

· Read books

· Have a date night with your spouse

· Give yourself permission to slow down!

· Get a massage

· Go for a run or a walk

· Have your yearly check up

· Laugh!

· Plan and go on a vacation

· Listen to your favorite music

· Spend some time in nature

· Drink enough water

· Create more time (send the kids away)

· Listen to a podcast

· Get a beauty treat

· Take a nap

· See a counselor

· Learn to say no – at least sometimes

· Let your partner help

· Go for a drive or walk with no destination in mind

· Care for you first

· Ignore some things

· Daydream about your dreams

· Attend a concert

· Do a puzzle

· Motivate yourself: write a list of things you’ve accomplished and look at it when you’re feeling discouraged

· Spend time with an elderly family member

· Practice random acts of kindness

· Forgive someone

· Go on a date with someone you love

· Look at pictures of yourself when you were a child and reminisce

· Do some deep breathing

· Exercise

· Eat a proper diet

· Drink tea or coffee in a mug that brings you joy

· Dance in your kitchen

· Color

· Call a friend

· Go for a walk with a friend

· Sing (loudly) in the shower or car

· Give yourself a pedicure. Choose a fun polish color

· Literally put yourself on the calendar

· Watch a feel-good movie

· Cuddle up under a blanket

· Go to church

· Join (or start) a book club

· Journal

· Buy yourself a treat like flowers or chocolate

· Be creative: cook, bake, paint, sketch, scrapbook

· Spread kindness to someone else

· Have a picnic outside or in your living room

· Go to bed early or sleep in

· Take a long shower

· Set a timer for ten minutes and declutter

· Make yourself a doctor or dentist appointment and go

· Go for dinner with friends

· Smile at yourself in the mirror

· Put up Post-it notes with inspirational quotes or scriptures

· Take a long Epsom salts bath with dimmed lights

· Pray

· Plant something

· Wear something you love

· Watch the sunset or sunrise

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