Music in the Background

Sarra Erb, Board Certified Music Therapist 

Have you ever watched a movie that had no background music? Have you ever watched a scene from an action movie and wondered what it would be like without the dramatic music behind it? (see this funny example:

Music is in the background of so much we do. Shopping at the store, driving our car, or even while we sleep. It’s important to notice how the music impacts our day to day lives and make conscience efforts to use the music to support us. 

Picking music for working out can be challenging but can also enhance your overall work out. Finding playlist that match the beats-per-minute (BPM) for your cardio work out that matches the pace that you are walking/running to, can make the workout more enjoyable and fun for yourself. It can also help you maintain your pace, so your heart rate stays at your desired rate for the duration of your workout. Creators on Spotify and YouTube have curated playlists that specify the range of BPM for this exact purpose. 

When trying to wind down you or your children for bedtime, it is also vital to play the correct style of music. While it can be ever so tempting to turn on classical music, not all classical songs are calming. (see that uses literal cannons in this piece). A good rule of thumb is to listen through the playlist before playing for your sleepy child. Choosing songs with limited lyrics, lower decibels, and simple melodies will put you or your child to sleep the smoothest. They even make lullabies that rockers can enjoy:

Pay attention to the songs and sounds around you to see how it’s impacting you or your children. You may be surprised by the results you find. Happy music making! 

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music in the background